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Earlier today, I received a call and a letter informing me of some disappointing news.  I regret to inform you that the First Congregational Church of Oakland (FCCO) has decided not to renew the lease with the Center for Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Creativity (CPSC).  CPSC is the non-profit organization that sponsors the subleasing of the church therapy room to therapists and healers for $10 an hour.

The current users of the room can continue to use the room until November 30, 2017.  As of December 1, 2017, CPSC will not be a tenant of the room and will not be able to sub-rent the room to anyone from that date forward.

On October 31, 2017, we will post notification of the upcoming termination of the lease on the therapy office door.  I wanted to email you this beforehand so you can inform your clients as you deem appropriate.  Perhaps you want to tell them immediately, or perhaps you want to line up another space prior to telling them.  For that reason, we are waiting until the end of October before posting notification of this change on the office door.

The loss of the lease is not related in any way to the conduct of CPSC, myself, the tenants, or any of the subtenants.  You have all used the room well, and I’m sure you have provided important, needed services to your clients there.  I am sorry that as of December 1, 2017, you will not be able to continue to use the office space at FCCO.

I have enjoyed working with you all, and I sincerely regret the impact of this loss on you and your clients.  I wish you well.




Todd Harvey




SUNDAYS: (can be loud until 2pm from church services)
FRIDAYS: (Third Fridays is a community movie night 7pm-9pm)

ROOMS ARE $10 per Therapy Hour.

THE CALENDAR IS EMBEDED BELOW HERE SO YOU CAN QUICKLY GLANCE TO SEE AVAILABLE TIMES.  In order to reserve a room, click the links above.  If you are not able to see the calendar below, email  He may need to add your gmail address so you can have access to this gmail calendar.